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Here, Chinmaya Vision represents the gallery of the type of eye disorders that cause disfigured eye. They are as follow: -


It is a kind of developmental variances that is categorized by irregular smallness of either one or both eyes. It is also known as nanophthalmia.

Phthisis bulbi

It is a dried-up and non-functional eye disorder that is caused by severe eye diseases, injury, surgery, and inflammation. It is treated through the insertion of a custom eye that is headed by enucleation of the defected eyes.


It is a condition that means one or both eyes do take shape during the early phase of pregnancy. There are mainly three categories in such eye disorders. They are primary anophthalmia, secondary anophthalmia, and lastly degenerative anophthalmia.

In primary stage, the eye tissues get disappeared completely because of the failure of the part of the brain that is responsible to form the eyes. In secondary one, the eyes stop developing after some time because of some other health problems. And in degenerative condition, the eyes take it shape but due to the lack of the blood supply to eye tissues, it stops developing.

Crutch Glasses

It is all about to repair the lid which is bowed because of lid disorders. The crutch glasses are used to lift the upper lid. It is not treated through any surgical procedures.

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